This assumes you don't scarf them down the minute you get them. Our "baked awesomes" will stay good 5-7 days in cool conditions (3-5 for pecan pie for best quality). Up to 3 weeks in the fridge (1 week for pecan pie for best quality) and nearly 3 months in the freezer depending on consistency of storage conditions. 

Our goodies are made with organic whole grain spelt flour, organic unbleached wheat flour, organic eggs, organic dairy items, organic walnuts, various seeds such as pepitas and flax. We store and use other possible allergens such as peanuts in our bakery. We do not add any preservatives to our goodies. We use the best natural ingredients possible. It's like you had Aunty Em in your kitchen at home. 

....With oven mitts! (wah-wah-wah) Seriously though, we bake the orders as they come to us and will ship as soon as they are cozily tucked in their packages. Lead time to begin fulfilling an order can be from 24-48 hours depending on order load. You will receive email updates about when your goodies have shipped. 

All items ship via USPS Priority mail.

Flat $8.00 for orders up to $106

Flat $17.00 for orders from $107-$213.00

Larger Orders Please request a shipping total.

Orders containing chocolate items are shipped at your own risk during warmer months as there may be melting issues. If you have any other questions please get in touch with us via our contact form page we will get back to you between batches.

Whenever possible we source our eggs and butter from local Maryland farms that use humane methods that are either certified organic, or very similar to it.
We are always investigating new possibilities when it comes to sourcing ever more of our ingredients from beautiful Maryland.

We use Certified Organic Non-GMO ingredients from reliable farms, producers or suppliers, such as for the wholesome Spelt flour, Rolled Oats and Evaporated Cane Juice in many of our goodies. 
We will never compromise our high quality standards and make something for you that we wouldn't eat ourselves or give to our loved ones.

Spelt is considered an ancient grain, a very early predecessor of wheat. It lacks the bitter tasting edge that modern wheat flour can often have, giving instead a slightly sweet-nuttiness to the baked goods.  We think it provides a unique flavor and texture to many of our baked goods and we enjoy the benefits of it being organic as well as whole grain.

It does have gluten, but not the kind found in modern wheat flours. The gluten in spelt dissolves more easily in water and does not have the intense "glueyness" like modern wheat and must be worked with very gently.

Many people who are sensitive to, or intolerant of modern wheat flours digest spelt flour well, but it is NOT recommended for people with a Celiac condition.

Every treat is special.

... you come to Sweet Harmony Treats.
We are a small, family, craft bakery resting in the Cumberland Valley located in the beautiful countryside of Maryland. 

We have a passion for real, wholesome, good-tasting food, and feel that every fine meal should be graced by an equally delicious "Sweet Note" at the end.

We craft our desserts in small batches so that we may be directly involved throughout the entire baking experience. This gives us greater control over the quality of our desserts and imparts an energy of joy and love for what we do.

We are approved & licensed by the State of Maryland, meeting the strict health and cleanliness standards in the Maryland State Department of Health code.

When value means quality...